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Project Description

Founded in 1990 by members in Spain, France and Germany, the fledgling Group Auto Union (as it was then known) was joined as early as 1991 by what was then the Factoring Services Group, now known as GROUPAUTO. The group has grown and expanded since those tentative steps, to become a truly international trading group, hence the name.

Being part of such a large and diverse organisation brings many benefits to the UK and much has been learned from our European colleagues, who have already successfully launched many of the programmes that we in the UK also now support.

GAUI is a formally constituted body with a board of directors and a CEO, Hans Eisner, supported by a General Assembly of members who vote on a 1 country equals 1 vote basis to help shape future policies and strategy.

GAUI has grown to encompass 22 trading groups in 30 countries as far afield as Russia and Brazil. Membership stands at approximately 700 companies with almost 1900 points of sale and total group turnover stands at nearly €4.4 billion.

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