Lucas Elta recently askedĀ us to produce their adverts for the airSPACE digital advertising network.

Following a detailed brief and keeping within Lucas Elta’s strict corporate identity guidelines, Air Digital Media produced three effective new advertisements.

Automotive Bulbs

To promote their range of automotive light bulbs, from LED to HID, Lifebooster upgrades and Long Life bulbs, we added some stunning lighting effects to bounce off the products and promote their quality.

Engine Management

Also required was a separate advert for their Engine Management and Ignition Systems which Lucas Elta have been involved in for more than a century.

Product Range

Lastly, a simplified but product-led advert showing more of the company’s diversity within the automotive aftermarket sector.


As Air Digital Media continues to grow, so does our requests to produce large manufacturer’s brands – and we couldn’t be happier!

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