Most companies are welcoming Digital advertising as the new norm with many allocating more of their advertising budgets on vibrant, animated, featured video content to compliment existing printed materials than ever before.

With airSPACE – Air Digital Media’s in-store digital advertising screen network – you are seeing the latest advert campaigns directly in front of your target audience.

Your message – at the right time and place – to the right people!

Our in store airSPACE screens work with your existing marketing campaigns to further enhance return.

It is a proven fact that a brand message at the point of sale is an effective way to capture a potential buyer’s attention, increasing your sales potential.

More opportunities can be utilised with our screens such as promoting upcoming events, reviews, pointing to social media or counter top items such as vouchers.

Printed materials to back your campaign

With airSPACE at the forefront of effective Brand communications, Air Digital Media also have full marketing and design services available to you.

We specialise in personalising promotional material for you such as counter top leaflets, posters, banners, giveaway items such as pens, keyrings, deskpads, etc.

We believe our airSPACE network should be a part of any successful advertising campaign in this market. To find out more information, call Air Digital Media on 0141 280 80 40

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