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84% of UK Retailers believe digital signage creates significant brand awareness (source: 84%


Supplier’s advertising that reaches out across the country

What are the benefits?

  • Advertising that is not ignored
  • The ability to influence at POS
  • Ability to revise frequently with exceptionally fast implementation
  • Advertising that is always up to date
  • Reduction in production and distribution costs

airSPACE screens allow you to distribute marketing and communications materials to multiple departments, offices, or stores on a regular basis.

Utilising airSPACE screens avoids missed opportunities to educate visitors and passive audiences (i.e., those within Motor Factors or Fast Fit reception areas) about what you have to offer.

Today’s target audience are beginning to ignore existing methods of communications such as traditional signage, static retail PoS and even e-mail and other forms of electronic notification.

“When we were approached by air Digital Media to consider their innovative advertising platform, we jumped at the chance to be involved. After being presented with their impressive national coverage and impressive statistics, it was simply a case of constructing the first advert. At WIX, we are always looking at new and creative mediums of advertising and brand marketing to align with and would certainly recommend this platform to others.”
Wayne Stevens, Wix Filtration
“As a growing brand looking to raise awareness of who we are and our unique approach to suppling brand new units – we have used the airSPACE digital advertising platform to reach the aftermarket due to their wide geographical spread and audience figures. We have been very happy with the response and will continue to include the airSPACE network as part of our advertising campaigns in the future.”
Steve Martin, Rolling Components
82% of people say the screens are a helpful source of information (source: amscreen) 82%


“Air Digital Media gave us a platform to engage with potential customers within our specific catchment area. Our design team loved being able to upload fresh designs for each of our events and promotions in real-time. I definitely feel that we have had a good response from our campaigns and we will continue toinclude air Digital Media as part of our overall advertising strategy.”

Target a large area with your services

As our platform allows you to share the same stage as national and global brands, there is an overall increase in a customer’s preconception of the quality of product and service advertised.

Are you looking to get your message across to:

  • A higher percentage of vehicle owners
  • Customers more likely to use local services
  • An audience typically between 18 and 65 years of age
  • An audience more likely in employment
  • An audience who have an interest in motor vehicles / motor sports / repairs

Regional advertisers with us are typically looking to deliver their message to a specific catchment area and with our airSPACE network of screens we can provide you with a tailored solution maximising exposure and ROI.

63% of people report that digital signage catches their attention (source: 63%


Target your catchment area with nearby services

What are the benefits?

  • Highly affordable
  • Vibrant with a high impact
  • Key aftermarket audience
  • Access to professional design team
  • Artwork and design included
  • Prestige platform alongside National and Global brands
  • Strengthens relationship between factor and local business
  • Local audience
  • High frequency of message
  • Updatable
“Our relationship with our key account customers is paramount – we have found that by promoting these customers on our airSPACE advertising screen it has gave us another way to strengthen that connection.”
Keith Robertson, Advanced Motor Components
To service a national client base with state-of-the-art new media technology and provide full IT support to our product. We also aim to create leading promotional campaigns seen across the country by your customers leading to increased sales to all.
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